ac vs gas heater

Air Con Vs Gas Heater Costs

ac vs gas heater

Canstar Blue states that using your air conditioner in winter won’t break the bank. Comparing the energy usage and costs to other heating appliances such as gas heaters and portable electric heaters, it is cheaper to run an air conditioning unit! Below is a reference of an air conditioning unit’s cost per hour compared to other household items cost per hour. You may be surprised!

home appliances

Air Conditioners Vs Gas and Electric Heaters

gas heater, electric heater, air conditioner heater

These figures are approximate. Please note: your heating costs will depend on your home, your local climate, and the prices you pay for electricity and gas.

As shown above, the clear winner in Aussie modern homes regarding efficiency and costs are the reverse cycle air conditioner. At Aircons Online, we offer reverse cycle split systems ranging from 1.7kW to 9.5kW to cater for all your needs, big or small. No need for that feeling of guilt every time you reach for that remote for the aircon. Stay warm, stress free with knowing what you know now!

If you have any questions or queries in upgrading or choosing a suitable heating solution for your home, please contact our friendly team who will be able to assist in recommending the best solution for you.

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