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Looking to purchase a Haier air conditioner?

When it comes to the number one brand of connected air conditioners Haier, is the number one brand in providing comfort to the most people around the globe. Haier air conditioning understands our climate in Queensland and maximises efficiency through several engineered features. Aircons Online strive to supply our customers the best prices on these quality ac units in south-east Queensland. We understand it can be daunting in finding the suitable size for a room you want, please see our size guide for help. If you need further assistance please contact our friendly team, if you are confident in purchasing a Haier air conditioner today, browse our Haier range and nab yourself a bargain today.

Benefits Hair air conditioning can provide for you

Aircons Online only supply air conditioners our experts recommend for the Australian climate. Haier air conditioners are engineered to suit your needs in affordability and practicality in keeping you cool in our harshest summer months and warm in our winter months.

  • Self-cleaning technology – Haier has patented a self-cleaning technology to ensure clean air is circulated throughout your homes protecting your family’s well-being.
  • Blue fin heat exchanger – To ensure durability and longevity of the Haier aircon unit, Haier have engineered this aluminium fin to have an anti-corrosion coating, improving heat exchanging efficiency, saving you costs on electricity consumed.
  • A-PAM DC inverter – Rapid cooling and heating is achieved through this feature amongst our Haier air conditioners it delivers stable and quiet operation.
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Why choose Aircons Online

At Aircons Online, we pride ourselves on the customer satisfaction. We started as a small family business; thanks to our loyal customers we have managed to upscale in size, being one of Australia’s leading air conditioning suppliers to the public and trade. This allows us to provide the best deals to our customers, at prices that keep them happy.

  • Proudly Australian owned business.
  • Competitive prices.
  • Free delivery for south-east Queensland customers.
  • No BS, honest upfront fixed prices. Ensuring no surprises or hidden costs.
  • Customer satisfaction is our ultimate priority.
Purchase Hair air conditioning today

We are the Hair ac experts, whether you need a new Hair AC supplied only or if you would like it installed as well, don’t hesitate in contacting our friendly team today to take care of your Hair air conditioning unit today.

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