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Are you breathing healthy air in your homes and workspaces? 

You wouldn’t eat or drink mouldy food or water, then why breathe it? It’s hard to tell by the untrained eye to see whether your air conditioner system is contaminated with mould and harmful bacterias. These harmful spores can attack the lungs via recirculating throughout your homes and potentially harming you and your loved ones. 


At Aircons Online, we are not only passionate about helping you and your family breathe fresh healthy air, but we are also the best in the business providing some of the best services in the southeast Queensland region.  We recommend a deep clean and sanitise for each air conditioner at least every 12 months. 


Just how important is regular maintenance for aircons?

How do you think you would go if you didn’t get your car serviced for a few years? The same principle applies for air conditioning. Many are unaware of this, so if you’re reading this now, congratulations! You have saved yourself money in repair bills if you adhere to the given advice in getting a regular maintenance schedule for your air conditioners. Cleaning your air conditioning units may seem like an unnecessary and daunting task, after all, if it isn’t broken why try to fix it, right? Unfortunately, this statement doesn’t apply to air conditioner units. Not only are you risking a total system breakdown – which will break the bank, but you can expect higher electricity bills too.

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Benefits of Air Conditioning Cleaning
  1. Avoid Total System Shutdown – Our licensed technicians carry out a professional clean on all the air conditioner units we service, they are trained to pick up small issues before they can become much larger issues which can result in a replacement of this air conditioner. Once the unit gathers enough dust and dirt accumulation it puts more pressure on the evaporator as the coils are no longer able to dissipate the heat as efficiently, which leads to an overheating air conditioner. 
  2. Lower Electricy Bills – Similar to us, if we had a 10kg weighted vest on, we would work harder to walk from A to B. With air conditioner units the 10kg would be in mould and dirt build-up form, resulting in an overworked air conditioner. Hence once this is cleaned, not only will you be breathing clean air, but your air conditioner will be operating much more efficiently. This will mean the aircon won’t work as hard and ultimately shave some dollars off your electricity bills, who doesn’t love saving money, right!
  3. Clean Indoor Air Quality – You air conditioner is ultimately the heart of your home. It breathes in clean air and removes the dirty air. In order for this to work optimally year-round, it is imperative to have a maintenance schedule in cleaning and flushing all the harmful toxins that can stick around inside your air conditioner if not treated by a professional. If untreated, whenever the unit is turned on, these toxic particles get blown into the living spaces and effectively contaminate the air you and your loved ones breathe in, which could lead to a range of respiratory infections and possible asthma attacks.
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How often do I need to have my aircon cleaned?

Air conditioner cleaning is far beyond the dirty filters you may see. There are many components of the air conditioner that are hard to reach and perfect breeding grounds for harmful bacterias. Our experts at Aircons Online not only thoroughly clean and sanitize all components of the air conditioner but we take pride in doing so. 


The short answer is regularly. It depends on the level of usage. The more the air conditioner is used the more frequently it will need to be cleaned, just like changing the oil of a car. For best results, we recommend aiming at least once a year for a professional clean.


Premium air conditioning cleaning services  

We understand that our climate in the Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich, Logan regions can be up and down, this is why we use the best quality products and methods when cleaning your air conditioners, which ensures the air quality within your homes is much improved. 


Here at Aircons Online, we understand how getting your air conditioner cleaned annually can be sometimes forgetful. This is why we have engineered a maintenance plan which ensures you and your loved ones will never be at risk with contaminated air in your homes again. 


Expert Air Conditioning Cleaning Services

Our licensed technicians have over 2 decades of combined experience and have worked on all makes and models of air conditioning, to list a few:

Brands we service:

Why choose Aircons Online?

Here at Aircons Online, we understand the importance of your comfort throughout the year, and we aren’t comfortable unless you are!

  • Ensure we keep up with the latest solutions and equipment – regular training to our technicians
  • No BS, upfront FIXED prices
  • Qualified air conditioning specialists
  • Satisfaction guarantee – we won’t leave until you are 100% satisfied
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If in doubt whether your aircon needs a clean, or to simply ask a question with our friendly team, don’t hesitate in contacting us today to take care of split system or ducted air conditioning, cleaning, and maintenance options on 1300 572 435 or simply fill out our quote form.

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