Carrier Air Conditioning Service

Are you in need of a Carrier air conditioning service?

As you know with Queensland’s climate, air conditioning is something that should be readily available. At Aircons Online, we understand that and are passionate in keeping aircons working for families ensuring what we highly value, comfort. Thankfully to keep your aircons running optimally all year round we offer a range of Carrier air conditioning services to not only suit your budget but your aircons needs. We service Carrier air conditioners across Brisbane, Gold Coast, Redlands, Logan, Ipswich, and many other regions. Get in touch with our friendly team today and speak with a Carrier specialist now.

Why you need a Carrier air conditioner service

Have you been told ‘your aircon needs replacing’? Here at Aircons Online we thoroughly check over everything before we determine an outcome. We only recommend replacing an air conditioner as the last resort as we understand how costly it can be for our customers. In saying that, to keep your air conditioner working properly you must have it regularly checked and serviced by a qualified professional.

Our team at Aircons Online are thoroughly trained to find small problems before they become larger problems. Initially these problems are harmless but if left untreated they could cause damage and ultimately an entire system shut down and a replacement will more than likely be needed. Regular servicing will help with prolonging the air conditioners life in the long run.

What is included in our Carrier aircon service?

There are several services checks and works carried out on the ac system our qualified technicians will check to ensure all components are working as they should. The overview of this process is dependant on the findings when the service is carried out.

  • Gas levels are checked – gas levels should never drop unless there is a leak from a dodgy installation
  • Electrical connections are assessed – we check that all connections have good connectivity
  • Assess air flow – check if there are any blockages or broken parts
  • Filters and evaporator coils are cleaned and sanitized – remove any mould and mildew build up
  • Heating and cooling functions are tested – ensure your aircon unit is operating within the temperature scope efficiently

Keep in mind, every client is different with different requirements. At Aircons Online we strive to cater for every situation that is suited. For any questions and queries please contact one of our Carrier ac unit professionals today.

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Why choose Aircons Online for your Carrier aircon service?

At Aircons Online, we pride ourselves on the customer satisfaction. We make sure we leave when the customer is happy with everything, and all questions are answered. We are here to help and go beyond for our customers making their life easier through the process by having this value instilled within Aircons Online.

  • Proudly Australian owned business.
  • Fully qualified, insured, and friendly technicians.
  • All our technicians are regularly trained and up to date with all the latest industry solutions and equipment.
  • No BS, honest upfront fixed prices. Ensuring no surprises or hidden costs.
  • We always call up 30 minutes before we arrive and will always show up on time.
  • Customer satisfaction is our ultimate priority.
Book a Carrier air conditioning service today

We are the Carrier ac experts, don’t hesitate in contacting our friendly team today to take care of your Carrier air conditioning unit today on 1300 572 435 or simply fill out our quote form.

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