Fujitsu air conditioning service

Are you in need of a Fujitsu air conditioning service?

Fujitsu is one of the top brands when it comes to air conditioning. Even the top brands need regular servicing. Are you in need to maintain your Fujitsu aircon so it performs at its peak when needed? At Aircons Online, we have decades of experience when it comes to servicing the wide range of Fujitsu air conditioner models. We are fully insured, qualified, and trained when it comes providing trustworthy and reliable services for your Fujitsu ac. We service Fujitsu air conditioners across Brisbane, Gold Coast, Redlands, Logan, Ipswich, and many other regions. Get in touch with our friendly team today and speak with a Fujitsu specialist now.

Why you need a Fujitsu air conditioner service

Ask yourself when the last time you got your home or workplace serviced? Remember when you first got it installed, does it still work the same? Air conditioners all types and sizes need regular maintenance to work at their most efficient output.

If small problems like mould/ dust build up and electrical faults are not detected early, there is a high chance over time it can affect the ac system to where it needs replacing. At Aircons Online we provide a regular service for your units with reminders when your next service is due ensuring that any problems that arise will be detected before any major damage is done. Hence, savings you time and money from replacing it to a new one.

What is covered by our Fujitsu air conditioner service?

The steps of our Fujitsu ac service vary depending on our client’s ac models. The key steps are:

  • Gas levels are checked – gas levels should never drop unless there is a leak from a dodgy installation
  • Electrical connections are assessed – we check that all connections have good connectivity
  • Assess air flow – check if there are any blockages or broken parts
  • Filters and evaporator coils are cleaned and sanitized – remove any mould and mildew build up
  • Heating and cooling functions are tested – ensure your aircon unit is operating within the temperature scope efficiently

If you need more information or have any questions on what is included in our Fujitsu ac service for your specific model, please contact one of our Fujitsu specialists at Aircons Online.

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Why choose Aircons Online for your Fujitsu aircon service?

At Aircons Online, we pride ourselves on the customer satisfaction. We make sure we leave when the customer is happy with everything, and all questions are answered. We are here to help and go beyond for our customers making their life easier through the process by having this value instilled within Aircons Online.

  • Proudly Australian owned business.
  • Fully qualified, insured, and friendly technicians.
  • All our technicians are regularly trained and up to date with all the latest industry solutions and equipment.
  • No BS, honest upfront fixed prices. Ensuring no surprises or hidden costs.
  • We always call up 30 minutes before we arrive and will always show up on time.
  • Customer satisfaction is our ultimate priority.
Book a Fujitsu air conditioning service today

We are the Fujitsu ac experts, don’t hesitate in contacting our friendly team today to take care of your Fujitsu air conditioning unit today on 1300 572 435 or simply fill out our quote form.

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