air conditioning cleans

Can Your Air Conditioner Make You Sick?

air conditioning cleans

The perfect recipe for mould, mildew, and bacteria to grow is inside your own very home, the air conditioner. Your air conditioning unit provides the perfect humid environment and food (dust and dirt) for a breeding ground frenzy for all those nasties if it is not maintained properly. As we know, germs are something we inevitably cannot avoid. But we can help to improve on how we handle how much we have in our homes. With air conditioners that are heavily used, it is recommended that it is maintained (cleaned and sanitised) every 12 months to ensure clean air is being recirculated into your homes.

Research suggests that “Air conditioning systems with poor condition/ maintenance were associated with significantly increased upper respiratory symptoms, eye symptoms, fatigue/ difficulty concentrating, and skin symptoms. Symptoms may be due to microbial exposures from poorly maintained ventilation systems and to greater levels of vehicular pollutants at air intakes nearer the ground level.”

An epidemiologist with the California Department of Public Health, Dr Mark Mendell highlights; “If you have badly maintained or badly designed air conditioning system, whether it’s in your home, office or vehicle, it can become contaminated and potentially harmful.” Dr Mendell also states that worsening issues with asthma and allergies are two health problems that can arise from poorly maintained air cons.

If you are unsure when the last maintenance was carried out on your air conditioning unit or if you are due for a service, please, do not hesitate in booking in with us at Aircons Online to ensure you and your family are breathing clean air. Your safety is our priority so the sooner the better. Please click here to browse our options and to organise a booking.

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