Covid and air conditioning

Coronavirus & Air Conditioning Explained

Covid and air conditioning

Depending on the size of the particles, your air conditioner can filter out that some diseases can spread this way. A good example is the air conditioners in cruise ships cannot filter our particles smaller than 5,000 nanometres for instance. Having said that the particles of an illness such as SARS is around 120 nanometres. Scientists are still unsure of the exact size of the COVID-19 and other variants of the disease, but if it is in fact roughly the same size as SARS, the air con units in cruise ships would have spread the disease throughout the whole ship! The use of outside air on cruise ships is recommended in harmful situations (as opposed to recirculating it) is a good alternative.


Airline companies such as Etihad are stating that ‘…the risk is considered lower on aircraft because of the use of high efficiency particulate air filters, which are effecting in capturing more than 99% of airborne microbes in filtered air.’ 


Experts also have confirmed that low temperature and humidity in air-conditioned environments may enhance the survival of coronaviruses.


So, ultimately what does this mean for us at home? To reduce the risk of any environmental exposure it is essential to inspect and review the air conditioning and ventilation systems within your home. So, get in touch with us at Aircons Online for any questions, servicing, and maintenance options they can help with. We will help to check if your filtering, humidity, and temperature settings to ensure the system is performing as it should, looking after your health.

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