air con increase property value

How Air Cons Increase Property Value

air con increase property value
Buying Energy Efficient 

Energy efficient homes are certainly on the radar for new home buyers, helping them save money and protecting the environment go hand in hand. Buying an energy efficient air conditioning unit will put your property at the forefront of the market, attracting more potential buyers.

Replacing Older Air Conditioning Units

Air conditioning experts strongly recommend replacing window units to split system units as they are more costly to maintain and ultimately decreases your property’s value.  If you are having trouble deciding on which split system unit fits your needs, click here, please do not hesitate in contacting our friendly team of experts getting some advice and installation. 

The Right Size for The Right Job

One of the most important factors to consider in buying the right air conditioning unit for your house is it’s size and type. If you need help with choosing the unit size for your property, click here. The air conditioning unit should be proportional in unit size (kW) to the area meter squared size (m2). Having a unit that is too big for the space is both, a waste of equipment costs and money in energy costs. In contrast, a smaller unit with a larger space will work overtime  and increase your electricity bills being less energy efficient.

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