How to Use Air Conditioning for Warmth

Using Features

Most air conditioning units have timers. This could be very useful in customizing your heating schedule. Check to see if your unit has automatic functions that allow you to set so that your heating is activated when the room temperature falls below a set temperature. These features will be handy as you will not have your air conditioning turned on all night, instead only when it needs to.

Temperature Setting

On a cold day/ night it may be tempting to run you air conditioner to a cosy 26 degrees Celsius. Try dropping your temperature to 20 degrees Celsius. This ensures the maximum energy efficiency from your unit.

Use a Fan

Not many people know, but there is a winter setting on your ceiling fans. All it does is spin the fan the opposite way, meaning instead of blowing air downwards it creates an updraft and circulates the warmest air. Make sure you only run it on low speed for optimal results.


Air conditioners breathes air into your homes. So, to ensure that it is breathing clean air it is imperative to get on top of the cleaning schedules. To book in a clean please contact our friendly team. Not only will one of our experts prolong the overall life of the air conditioning unit but will also rectify smaller problems before they become much larger.

Wear Warm Clothes

Who doesn’t love to get all snuggly and cosy! A set of uggy boots, tracky dacks and a hoodie are worth their weight in gold when it comes to colder days/ nights. We also recommend using flannelette sheeting for your beds which means you can use your air conditioning unit at lower temperatures, improving energy efficiency.

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