Fujitsu 5.0kW Cool 6.0kW Heat Inverter Hi-Wall Indoor/Outdoor Air Conditioning Unit


Cool or heat your large bedroom, mid-sized living room, large kitchen during the hot and cold days with the help of the Fujitsu (5.0kW Cool 6.0kW Heat) Reverse Cycle Split System Air Conditioner. With a clever motion-detecting Human Sensor and handy timers, the Fujitsu Air Conditioning unit is a convenient solution for the summer and winter months.

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Fujitsu’s reverse cycle split system air conditioners are slim and lightweight, these models have been designed for floor or ceiling installation. Ideal for both residential and commercial applications.


  • UP/DOWN SWING LOUVRE – The up/down louvre automatically swings up and down.
  • AUTO SHUT LOUVRE – The auto shut louvres close or open automatically when the air conditioning unit stops or starts.
  • AUTO RESTART – Should there be a temporary loss of power; the AC split system unit will automatically restart itself in the same operating mode, once the power is restored.
  • PROGRAM TIMER – This timer allows the selection of one of four options. ON, OFF, ON > OFF, or OFF > ON.
  • ECONOMY MODE – Limits the maximum operation current and performs operation with the power consumption suppressed.
  • BLUE FIN HEAT EXCHANGER – Corrosion-resistance of the heat exchanger in coastal areas has been improved by blue fin treatment of the outdoor unit heat exchange.
  • AUTOMATIC LOUVRE – The position of the louvres is set automatically to match the operating mode. It is also possible to adjust the louvres using the remote control.
  • AUTOMATIC AIR FLOW ADJUSTMENT – When auto mode is selected for the fan, the micro-processor adjusts the airflow to follow changes in room temperature.
  • SLEEP TIMER – The micro-processor gradually changes the room temperature, allowing you to sleep comfortably at night.
  • WASHABLE PANEL – The air conditioning unit has a washable panel.
  • FILTER SIGN – Split system air conditioner indicates the filter cleaning period by lamp.
  • ALL DC – With All DC, electricity loss is decreased, and power consumption reduced.
  • AUTO-CHANGEOVER – The unit automatically switches between heating and cooling modes based on the temperature setting and room temperature.
  • DOUBLE SWING AUTOMATIC – Complex swing action of the louvres enables them to swing automatically in both horizontal and vertical directions.
  • APPLE-CATECHIN FILTER – Fine dust, invisible mould spores and harmful micro-organisms are absorbed onto the filter by static electricity and further growth is inhibited and deactivated by the polyphenol ingredient extracted from apples.


  • Brand: Fujitsu
  • Model No. – Indoor : ASTG18LVCC
  • Model No. – Outdoor: AOTG18LVCC
  • Reverse Cycle System: Yes.
  • Cooling Capacity (Watts): 5000
  • Cooling Capacity (BTU/h): 17100
  • Range (Watts): 1000-6500
  • Range (BTU/h): 3,500-22100
  • Heating Capacity (Watts): 6000
  • Heating Capacity (BTU/h): 20400
  • Range (Watts): 1050-8700
  • Range (BTU/h): 3,500-30000
  • Power Source (V/Ph/HZ): 240/1/50
  • Power Supply Attachment: Outdoor Unit
  • Plug Size (If Applicable): Not Applicable
  • Running Current, Cooling (Amps): 5.1
  • Running Current, Range (Amps): 5.1-5.6
  • Running Current, Heating (Amps): 5.6
  • Running Current, Range (Amps): 5.1-5.6
  • Input, Cooling (Watts): 1160
  • Input, Range (Watts): 240-1680
  • Input, Heating (Watts): 1280
  • Input, Range (Watts): 140-2420
  • E.E.R. – Cooling: 4.31
  • C.O.P. – Heating: 4.69
  • Moisture Removal (l/hr): 1.3
  • Star Rating – Cooling: 4
  • Star Rating – Heating: 5
  • Fan Speed: 4
  • Air Circulation (Cooling/Heating) (I/s): 283/283
  • Compressor Type: DC Rotary
  • Dimensions – Indoor Unit (HxWxD mm): 280 x 980 x 240
  • Weight – Indoor Unit (kg): 12.5
  • Dimensions – Outdoor Unit (HxWxD mm): 716 x 820 x 315
  • Weight – Outdoor Unit (kg): 42
  • I.U. Sound Pressure Level Cooling (High/Quiet) (dBA@1mtr): 46/29
  • I.U. Sound Pressure Level Heating (High/Quiet) (dBA@1mtr): 46/29
  • O.U. Sound Pressure Level (Cooling/Heating) (dBA@1mtr): 47/48
  • O.U. Sound Power Level (dBA): 61
  • Refrigerant Type: R410A
  • Connection Pipe Sizes, Gas (mm): Ø 12.70
  • Connection Pipe Sizes, Liquid (mm): Ø 6.35
  • Pre Charged Length
  • Minimum Pipe Length (Metre): 3
  • Maximum Pipe Length (Metre): 30
  • Maximum Pipe Height (Metre): 25
  • Pipe Connection Methods: Flared
  • Outdoor Operating Temp, Cooling Degrees C: -10 to 46
  • Outdoor Operating Temp, Heating Degrees C: -15 to 24


  • Indoor Unit : ASTG18LVCC
  • Outdoor Unit: AOTG18LVCC
  • Remote Control
  • Pre Charged Length


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