When to replace air conditioner

When to Replace your Air Conditioner

When to replace air conditioner
Build Up of Moisture

All air conditioning units produce moisture to some extent through condensation. Too much of this moisture may be harmful for your health. There could be many reasons as to why your air conditioning unit is leaking; drain blockage and a refrigerant leak. A drain blockage can be flushed out with an air conditioning deep clean. A refrigerant leak is a lot more serious and can cause dangerous health risks to you and your family, as it is not only poisonous to breathe in but is a breeding ground for mould. If you are unsure of what type of leak you have and service you need, please contact our friendly team as soon as possible.

Increased Electricity Bills

Even if your usage stays the same using your air conditioner you may find that your electricity bills are a tad higher. If you have not been getting your air conditioning unit regularly serviced and deep cleaned, your air conditioning unit will not be running efficiently. It is recommended that you firstly get a service and deep clean, you will then have a clearer indicator to replace your air conditioning unit.

One Service a Year is Never Enough

If your air conditioning unit is older than 10 years. It might be a wise choice to get it replaced, as the older the air conditioner gets the more frequent the service calls get, which all adds up. Before replacing your air conditioning unit, please view our size guide and make sure you have the right air conditioner for the right space to ensure you have the most efficient set up.

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